Specchio Dei Tempi

Specchio Dei Tempi's Emergency Fund is donating medical equipment to ICUs, helping elderly people unable to leave their homes, supporting remote learning, and granting loans to struggling businesses.

Specchio Dei Tempi's response to COVID-19 in Ital has evolved rapidly. Their first priority was to provide medical equipment like ventilators, ultrasounds and beds to ICUs who could not cope with the number of COVID-19 patients. Then, to support children's remote learning, they donated 1,000 tablets to 300 schools in Turin and 300 sanitising kits for when the pupils return. They have also been delivering groceries and supplies to families and elderly people in need, across 18 cities. And they are now giving grants to over 200 businesses in Turin to help them get back on their feet. So if you want your money to go towards helping the response to, and recovery from, COVID-19 in Italy, then look no further.

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