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If you've ever wanted to make a difference but didn't know where to start How Can I Help is here for you

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Our Mission

To connect great people like you with initiatives which need your help

We decided to start How Can I Help in a time of crisis. It was clear that people would need all kinds of support to get through COVID-19 but it wasn't obvious how and where we could meet that need.

We hope How Can I Help serves as a useful, simple and searchable platform, helping you to find existing initiatives where you can contribute to make a real difference.

We built a platform so you can find ways to help those in need as well as raise awareness of the initiatives which are already doing great work and could do even more with your support.

How Can I Help is built by a group of determined tech entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and NGO professionals. All contributors are donating their time and skills to building the platform.


Awesome. Here are a few ways you can help.


...and counting!


Search for an initiative looking for the type of support you can offer.

Get In Touch

Let us know about other projects for us to feature on our site.


Share our platform with your network - we’re sure your friends are keen to lend a hand too.


Help us to build HCIH so we’re able to make even more connections.

As volunteers ourselves, we believe that together we can have a massive impact on the lives of those in need during and beyond this crisis